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I like to create epic and meaningful electronic music that I enjoy listening to, as much as I enjoy making it.
Thanks for listening :)

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Had to check when my last post was on here via news wise, and wow, been awhile.

Ok here's a quick bulleted list of what's going on:

1: yep I'm not dead :D

2: I've been working on multiple songs atm that will be assorted into my own album! Idk when that will be out but I've got 3 songs completely finished and am working on about like 6-7 more! This is the first body of work that I think I can really be myself and show what 'my sound' really is.

3: I started a little let's play channel as a joke at first but it has really started to become a large part of my hobbies. I realized that I love to make vids on games and random comedy sketchs! Check is out on youtube! Here's the link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDRxJxxkD72fqxTuhsZVwbQ I've got stuff on games like " The Medium" "Omori" and "Little Nightmares 2". It's a place where I just get to show my love for videogames and horror and comedy.

3: One of the reasons I've been gone for awhile, and I'm not that good at expressing myself online is because I'm super shy, and a titch awkward as well. So I find myself hesitant to just constantly bombard peps with stuff about me. But I'm gonna step out of my comfort zone for the sake of a dream that I have, and for the people who are still here.

And finally 4: I've been pretty active on Instagram as well, although I have to say I love the new grounds community and it's was of bringing small creators into the light, I've found lots of my idols on this sight!

To rap this bad boi up I wanted to say thank you for reading, and this wait WILL be worth your while.

Lots of Love

-Ben (that's my real name, ho boy)

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