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I like to create electronic music with my own form of sound design and music theory, that I enjoy listening to, as much as I enjoy making it.
Thanks for listening :)

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Hello peps!

Ok so a few things:

1: I made a remix! This has been a very debatable decision for me because I never really planned on creating another remix based on a few future plans (which I will get to). Although this particular remix kinda came out a lot better than I thought it would, so I decided to share it!

Although there is a problem for sharing the remix on Newgrounds, I read this in a post for terms of services:

"You aren't allowed to have ANY copyrighted samples in your song. Not even a millisecond, so don't even think about uploading that Soulja Boy remix. Movie quotes, game sound effects, acapellas of popular singers, etc... have a VERY good chance of being copyrighted, for example. "Fair use" does NOT apply on Newgrounds, as flash authors might want to use your song in a sponsored game or movie."

Since I did use the acapella from the song for the purpose of the remix, I am not sure that I can share it here. If anyone here can either verify this, or (best case scenario) prove me wrong because I would love to post the remix here, but until then, just to be safe, I will keep it on:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hevisto-official/olivia-rodrigo-deja-vu-hevisto-remix

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITsMDlgpZic

2: Although the top one may be a bit of bad news, I have some good news as well: I am in the middle of constructing another album at the moment, and will be sharing the best songs bit by bit before the full release soon hopefully! I will share more information on what the new feel of the album will be, the name, genre, etc when I make the trailer for it, but stay tuned! I have new music coming so don't worry.

That's about it for the time being, thank you for your time.


Edit: Ok, so I just found a couple remix's on the sight of pretty popular artists that are actually more sample heavy that what I have made... so I guess I can share it here!


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