I like to create electronic music with my own form of sound design and music theory, that I enjoy listening to, as much as I enjoy making it.
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Put on Hold (for a few weeks)

Posted by Hevisto - April 21st, 2023


It's been a hot minute since I posted anything on here, I got A-LOT happening right now in-terms of school, creative projects, etc. I'll list them out bellow and answer any questions that may be in the air:

  1. I am still working on Trimmersion, and that will probably be out sometime late-summer as I am occupied with not only school work but another project that should be completed in the near future here!

  1. The thing I am working on (as mentioned above) has been taking up a lot of my creative time but it is INSANLEY COOL. I am working with a group on something that should be out sooner or later here, and trust me when I say, its most likely not what you expect it to be. When that is out, I will for sure be nonstop talking about it on here and maybe make some videos talking about it when it does.

  1. COLLEGE SECOND SEMESTER FINALS! They have been taking up a lot of my time at the moment and have had a hand in the first decision regarding Trimmersion and what-not. So right now (until the summer) I will solely be working on both finals and the mysterious thing that I cannot mention just quite yet that should be out soon.

  1. This is just an update on life and such, because it just happens to be amazing right now: I am working on things that I love, creating things on my own and with amazing people whom I had the pleasure of meeting in College, and generally have been living life to the fullest. I don't usually talk about plain just "how I am feeling" but I want to this time because I am genuinely feeling super happy.

I am super excited to showcase and share the projects I've been working on, and a bigger one should be out of the gates here soon! And when it does I will 100% be promoting the shit out of it because everyone who has contributed has done some amazing work, and I am looking forward to promoting them as creators.

Thank you for reading, this has been an endeavors update from Hevisto, I'll catch you later!




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